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RETRO WAVE: TOO YOUNG TO KISS is Romantic and Funny

Specializing in releasing older, out of the way, out of print or even forgotten movies and television shows, The Warner Archive has become one of the most successful manufactured-on-demand home video services. From hidden classics, to cult favorites, to everything in-between, they do a wonderful job of keeping older material alive and available.

Staying Indoors #1: Exploring Supplemental Material

As someone who spends what most would consider an unhealthy amount of time indoors watching movies, I often find myself thinking about how to enhance my film-saturated existence. It’s not that I only watch movies, but at any given time, I tend to be thinking about cinema more than any other subject.

GNW Podcast Episode 134: The Geeks Travel Back to Days of Futures Past

This week on the show, we review two of the biggest films of the summer, X-Men: Days of Future Past & Godzilla! We also discuss some of the biggest geek news in a long time, including the departures of Edgar Wright & Drew Goddard from Marvel properties, a Star Wars spinoff, the Interstellar trailer, and much more! 

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SEDUCED AND ABANDONED: Alec Baldwin Follows the Money

James Toback and Alec Baldwin’s documentary Seduced and Abandoned, which premiered on HBO last year, chronicles the two filmmakers’ attempts to procure funding at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival for a movie inspired by Bernardo Bertolucci’s seminal 1972 sexual drama Last Tango in Paris.

Geek Weird: DEATH OCCURRED LAST NIGHT Blu-ray Review.

I've long been a fan of police procdeural dramas, especially Italian ones. When I saw that Raro was putting out DEATH OCCURRED LAST NIGHT, an Italian police thriller that I've been unable to easily access for years, I got giddy. Did it fulfill my expectations?