GeekNewWave Pick Of The Week 3/21/2012

There are so many comics coming out every week that it’s hard to keep up with them all. Every week one of our writers will go through his or her stack and pick the one book that stands out above the rest. This weeks book is Batman #7.

Batman #7

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Greg Capullo

Colors by: FCO

There has been a lot of complaining from the geek community about a lot of the new 52, whether it be Superman wearing jeans in Action Comics, or the disappearance of Wally West from continuity, people were complaining. One thing I have not heard though is anyone complain about the events of Scott Snyder's current run of Batman. Which is really saying something since geeks will often complain about anything. Hell, they will complain about having nothing to complain about. So why were they not complaining? It obviously has a lot to do with the quality of the writing and of the art, but there is more to it. It is the fact that while Snyder and company are tinkering with one of the most familiar runs of continuity in all of comics lore, it simply feels organic. Almost to the point that I have begun to let myself believe that the changes were always there. Perhaps that is the highest compliment I can bestow upon the creative team of this fine series. But enough of all that, onto what made this issue the pick of the week!

The issue opens with what is essentially one of the most iconic moments for any Batman fan. The moment from Batman: Year One where Bruce decides the symbol he will take will be that of a bat. It is a moment that we all know and love, and that is why the new conclusion to this scene is so thrilling. What happens is that once the bat flies away, it is killed by an owl. It is our first true hint that perhaps Batman truly is not the alpha male in Gotham anymore. It is a brilliant moment, but not even the best this issue has to offer. The one moment that truly sold me on this being an essential story is a brief one, but with a lasting impact. That moment comes when Batman, beaten and bloody, is ushered into the the Batcave by Alfred and first sees the body of the Talon. He screams, "No!" He desperately attempts to escape. I cannot recall ever seeing such fear and desperation in Bruce Wayne. Not in any form of media. That one moment totally sold me on the entirety of the Court of Owls.

I simply cannot discuss this issue without giving props to the phenomenal work of artist Greg Capullo and the colors of FCO. This may just be the best work yet from either of them, and that is truly saying something. The visuals in this issue are breathtaking, and perfectly compliment Snyder's prose. 

After the epic throwdown in issue six I fully expected this issue to pull back the throttle a bit and give Bruce a chance to catch his breath. In some ways it does pull back on the action, but the twists and turns of this issue ensure that the reader will be doing anything but catching a breath. If you have not been reading this new run of Batman I highly suggest that you begin doing so. The events of this series are very clearly enhancing the background of the entire Batman universe, while also setting up the events for the foreseeable future. Do not miss this issue or this series!

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